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4anime is a free online streaming website to follow English Subbed and Dubbed anime. With the highlighted categories such as Action, Comedy, Drama, Demons, Romance, Historical, Samurai, School, Shoujo Ai, Shounen Supernatural, etc., we guarantee that children under the age of 12 can carry unique ways for stimulating the imagination. For those who are into the beautiful images of friendship, family, magic, partner, etc., 4anime offers the best effort in delivering the latest anime in English subbed and dubbed for free.

Free to Watch Anime Online

At 4anime, you can stream high-quality videos for free and download them at high-speed sites such as mp4upload, vidstream, streamtape, or mycloud. The “Favorite Anime” gathering all the most loved animes worldwide for live streaming. Once an anime is released on 4 anime, it will be cloned and then creating poor-quality copies on other websites. Make sure you visit our official 4anime website to enjoy the best HD quality videos and avoid data theft.

Anything Wrong with 4anime?

As you may know, anime is a short animation that originated in Japan. Now, anime is popular worldwide thanks to the promotion of Japanese media like newspapers and television. This artistry creator centered on famous comics, games, or light novels to turn into great animes today. 4anime has a wide variety of stream animes that are appropriate for all ages and genders. You can find any topic you like, including adult hentai.

Why 4anime Is So Popular With Users

4anime is not like other anime streaming sites because there is no need to pay to watch anime. Here, 4anime offers a variety of anime genres that can be easily selected according to preferences. One of the reasons 4anime is so popular is because all the anime available on the site are free. No matter where you are, you can watch anime without being blocked.

Daily Database Update of 4anime

Many people around the world are using 4anime to watch anime online, so we work hard to update our anime database regularly to meet the needs of our users. Every day there are many anime episodes released, we mobilize the English sub&dub team to work as quickly as possible to upload anime on the website.

Why 4anime.to is not accessible, Is 4anime shutdown?

Most sites to watch free anime are inaccessible after a while for objective reasons. Page 4anime.to cannot avoid this problem. The first version that we released which was 4anime.to is now inaccessible. Our solution is to create 4 new anime to provide free anime for users not to miss the anime they are watching. Many other stolen versions gradually appear due to this problem, so please use our website to avoid information theft and virus infection.

The Best Place to Watch Anime for Free is 4anime?

4anime is our latest official website developed with many excellent features similar to 9anime. Our anime database is claimed to be the finest entertainment that is available on the Internet. Whether you are searching for a popular anime or a hard-to-find anime, we have covered it all.

Is it Illegal to Use 4 anime?

In the United States, watching videos at 4 anime is technically legal. At the moment, watching anime and copyrighted material does not violate the rules. Copyright attorneys confirm that you can face criminal or civil prosecution once you are caught downloading and sharing files. Therefore, for your safety, we suggest you only watch our videos online.

Does 4anime Have a New Website?

4anime.city is the only and latest website. Other websites, if found, are all fake. We update the latest animes on a daily basis. Below are some compromising features when streaming anime online at 4anime:
  1. Excellent quality anime: 4anime is not a website for low-quality imagines or disruptions caused by lagging. At this site, only HD quality of English Subbed and Dubbed that brings real joy for your feeling.
  2. Eliminate download times: You no longer need to spend time downloading anime to watch offline. That age is over! Just log on to 4anime.city and enjoy watching your favorite anime for free.
  3. Reduce your entertainment cost: We all know for sure that Netflix, Crunchyroll, and other streaming platforms are pricey. Watching free anime on our website costs you just pennies.
  4. Unlimited access to your beloved anime: Whatever anime you are into, you can access it wherever and whenever. Instead of paying for certain animes that you love, watching online with free and unlimited access is much better, isn’t it?